Maintenance of the instrument

With every music instrument, and particularly with woodwind instruments,
you have to consider:

Treat the material with respect!

Helpful advice:

  • Avoid variations in temperature
  • Never leave your instrument in the sun or in the hot car
  • In case of new instruments, we advice you not to play for hours in the beginning, but to get the wood used to the strain slowly
  • While playing, regularly control the Verbindungszapfen / mounts in order to avoid that they get stuck.
  • Try not to let the instrument fall down
  • If you have problems with the sound or the mechanism, don’t hesitate to contact the instrument maker
  • Clean and dry the instrument after playing
  • When cleaning the instrument with stick and cloth, don’t touch the headjoint cork
  • Wipe the wood regularly with almond oil and after some time the whole instrument in order to avoid crusts
  • Check that the cork and the keys shut tightly by closing the fingerholes and the main bore on one side and blowing and drawing in with the mouth
  • Send us your instrument after some time for further checks

We are pleased to answer any further questions.